• 12.07.11 - MS-Legal Annual Property Update 2011
  • 14.07.10 - MS-Legal Annual Property Update 2010
  • 1.07.09 - MS-Legal Annual Property Update 2009
  • 12.11.08 - MS-Legal Annual Property Update

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  • 15.07.08 - MS-Legal sponsors The 2nd International Takaful Summit 

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Due to demand from clients and other interested parties we regularly host seminars, lectures and workshops discussing topical legal developments. We believe that a lawyer’s role is not simply to advise and assist his client in a single matter but also to spread his knowledge so that others may benefit. The events we have held so far have been well received and widely attended by not only our clients but also by businesses, government agencies, non-governmental organisations, investors and other lawyers. 

Keep an eye out for future events advertised on this site.