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Commercial Law
International Arbitration

MS-Legal wins a £50 million arbitration challenge on behalf of a sovereign state.

Last quarter

MS-Legal posted record turnover in the last quarter.

Ethiopian entity

MS-Legal succeeds in defending Ethiopian entity in largest ever civil claim brought against it in the UK.

Roman treasure

MS-Legal succeeds in repatriating a 2000 year old Roman treasure to Libya from where it was stolen.

International law case

MS-Legal takes on the Public International law case of the decade: Janah v Libya, Benkharbouch v Sudan

Gulf Royal family

MS-Legal appointed by Gulf Royal family.

Middle Eastern Embassy

MS-Legal appointed lead counsel by a Middle Eastern Embassy in London.

Arab Airline

MS-Legal has secured a long term contract to provide legal services to a major Arab Airline.

Lead counsel

MS-Legal has been appointed lead counsel by the Libyan Embassy in the UK.

Arab Spring

MS-Legal wins the world's first state asset repatriation claim resulting from the Arab Spring.

Libyan assets recovery

MS-Legal appointed by Libyan government to recover its assets in the UK, Canada and the BVI.


MS-Legal is a niche, internationally focused legal practice. We are involved in cutting edge legal developments that are shaping policy both in the UK and around the world. Our client list includes world class investors, royalty, international charities and governments.

Mohamed B. Shaban
Principal Partner