Ethiopian entity

MS-Legal succeeds in defending Ethiopian entity in largest ever civil claim brought against it in the UK.

Roman treasure

MS-Legal succeeds in repatriating a 2000 year old Roman treasure to Libya from where it was stolen.

International law case

MS-Legal takes on the Public International law case of the decade: Janah v Libya, Benkharbouch v Sudan

Gulf Royal family

MS-Legal appointed by Gulf Royal family.

Last quarter

MS-Legal posted record turnover in the last quarter.

Middle Eastern Embassy

MS-Legal appointed lead counsel by a Middle Eastern Embassy in London.

Arab Airline

MS-Legal has secured a long term contract to provide legal services to a major Arab Airline.

Lead counsel

MS-Legal has been appointed lead counsel by the Libyan Embassy in the UK.

Arab Spring

MS-Legal wins the world’s first state asset repatriation claim resulting from the Arab Spring.

Libyan assets recover

MS-Legal appointed by Libyan government to recover its assets in the UK, Canada and the BVI.